From the Nights: Shafei Han, “Feast of the Father”

This work of flash fiction was read by its author, Shafei Han, at the April 13th Spittoon Fiction Night

The Feast of the Father

A perspective

There is the House of the Father, and a feast is to be going on.  Everyone is waiting on the Father. The adults are greeting each other and gets into talks of their deeds and affairs, with their experiences and wisdom.  Together, they went in more and more about it; and the littles ones are deserted. They all seat there, unacquainted; wonder, when would the feast be started and why the things they talk about interest and occupied them so much.

That went on and on, even the watchers of the nights cannot stand it and went into sleep. It still went on and on and on, unstoppable, until,  the Moon and all the Stars close their eyes. the bugs went off yearning, and birds sit in silence. Suddenly, from a corner of the whole House. “I’m Hungry!” The smallest daughter of that House, from her the cry came out. A silence came upon and break the conversation. all turned and looked at her. Two men, her uncles, came, hurried her out. and hung her on a tree so that  she can no longer be heard.

Surprisingly, out of anyone’s expectation. The Father came, and rebukes the two men: “What are you trying to do with my daughter, why did you deserted her, when she cried out of hunger, refuse to feed her, and the rest of the little ones, and you, yourselves?” “Don’t you know the music of the feast can delight my ears on my way of coming Home, when the lamps of the watchers and the light of the skies all went dark?”